• We are rooting for you!

    Supporting and Empowering families over the world

  • What we do


    We support, listen and empower families!


    We listen to your challenges.


    Did you just receive a diagnosis for your child and do you feel lost?


    We will help you gain clarity


    We will help you on your journey





    Why we do it

    Often times parents are not asked to be involved in their childs therapy or guidance. Often feeling frustrated and as if having no control.


    We want to change that!


    We believe that parents know their children best.


    We help you with setting your own goals and with creating your future with your child.


    How we do it


    We offer a specific way of counseling that puts you in the drivers seat.




    We offer consults that are practice-based. The kind of things you don't hear at the doctors.


    We offer a great network of awesome parents all over the world willing to help and share their experiences with you.

    Reach out



    Call us or leave a message and we will reach out to you







    Who do we help

    We help parents that just received a diagnosis for their child,  (e.g. Autism, (A)DHD, gaming addiction, HSP), that want help with anything that comes with receiving such a diagnosis.






    We are a social profit organization and we depend on the generosity of others to give our support to those parents in need.




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    Please contact us if you need support!

    Monster, The Netherlands