• Why we do it

    To empower parents and their children

    You are the expert of your own child!

    You are your child's greatest resource!

    In many cases, when a child has a challenging time fitting in in society, the guidance and therapy offered are mostly focused on the child.


    The parents are not invited to be involved, in contrary, in some cases parents that ask to be more involved are called to be "meddling", "too critical", "interfering with the therapy" and "ignorant about what is good for their own child".


    For parents this can be so frustrating. They know their child and know what will work or not and they see people make choices that don't feel right for their child!


    For caregivers and their organizations this can be frustrating too. Imagine doing therapy in a certain way with a child that seems to be effective only to see the parent(s) behave in a different way that seems contra-effective to the therapy!


    We want to empower and encourage parents to be involved in whatever proces their kid is going through. We want them to connect to their child ánd connect with the people that offer guidance, therapies or make decisions that are impactful for their children.


    You don't need to wait and hope for the best. You can be the best for your own child.

    Option Dialogue and your family

    How the dialogue can be useful for you

    "From the day that we've heard about the Option Process® we became more aware of what we wanted.

    We started to believe in ourselves that we could create the life that we wanted.

    We wanted a place for our daughter where she would feel accepted and loved. With persistence and some bold actions we created that place for her and ourselves".


    We want you to know that you are capable of this as well.

    Empowered families are the way

    We strongly believe that you are your own child's best advocate, your child's best resource for help, guidance and support to overcome any challenge.

    We have seen so many families who empowered themselves and helped their children, with e.g. break through their autism, get their child's school to cooperate on their terms etc.


    We believe parents can be strong forces for their children and that they can move mountains to get to their destination.

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